Educational Excellence

  • Work with the Whitewater Unified School District (WUSD) to pursue educational excellence in Whitewate
  • Meet with representatives from WUSD and other entities in order to develop an action plan aimed at increasing ACT scores
  • Continue to research school data for both WUSD and surrounding districts Promote WUSD both within and outside of the Whitewater community
  • Educational excellence is just one part of the effort to make Whitewater a destination of choice to live and work

Expansion of Highway 12

  • Progress to date:
    • SWRPC Jurisdictional Highway System Plan
    • Adopted by SWRPC and Country Board
    • Met with Secretary Mark Gottleib, DOT to secure his support for Highway 12
  • Next steps:
    • Work for approval from the Transportation Planning Committee (TPC)
      • Recommend that a preliminary engineering and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) be done for Highway 12 from Elkhorn to Whitewater

The Discover Whitewater Series

The Greater Whitewater Committee, in an effort to sell Whitewater as a destination place, is planning the fourth Half-Marathon, 5K, and Fit Kid Shuffle to take place September 18th, 2016, coined "The Discover Whitewater Series".  The race will highlight the many beautiful areas Whitewater has to offer and in doing so, will benefit many Whitewater organizations.  These include: Academic Excellence at the Whitewater Unified School District, the Whitewater Aquatic Center, Bethel House, UW-Whitewater Athletics, and the W3 Organization.  For those interested in participating in the Inaugural race please visit to register or to find out more regarding this exciting event!  If you are interested in sponsorship please email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



For more information on how your organization can partner with us, please contact our Director of Operations, Alexandria Goodwin-Salas at, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Board of Regents Representation

·         Board of Regents Representation

  • Work with University and the Surrounding Community to find an appropriate Appointee to the Board of Regents representing this area and its diverse needs.
  • Work with Office of Governor to Promote the Appointee
  • Make members of the Board of Regents aware of the needs of this community and how various policy initiatives would affect this community.

Creation of an Active Adult Community

  • City has a wide array of senior facilities already
  • Universities serve as a magnet for communities that are comfortable for seniors Expand efforts to attract seniors by:
    • Opening summer hostiles on campus (work with Chancellor and Starin Hall) to develop educational and physical activities (ex. environmental education, walking tours, information about the values of Whitewater, diverse arts events/activities)
    • Studies comparing Chicago metropolitan area and Whitewater area senior living options
    • Relocating Seniors have greater spending capacity, support more restaurants, facilities, and whole city culture
  • Work with City seniors program, University, Whitewater Arts Alliance, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Expansion of Healthcare Facilities

  • Closest hospitals
    • Fort Atkinson, Janesville, Watertown
  • Assessment of current facilities:
    • Urgent Care by Mercy, Sports Medicine, Fairhaven
  • Long term: Expand and attract medical facilities to this area
  • Needs assessment-determine support
    • Look for assessments of healthcare facilities
    • Current capabilities and how we expand this

Housing Development

  • Housing survey data is being collected
  • Promote and assist the City in developing housing projects in areas that have shotages
  • The goal is to build houses that meet needs not currently being met
  • Housing Development is a crucial part of the effort to keep business owners, managers, and employees here in Whitewater

Construction of a Hotel/Convention Center

This hotel/convention center is a multi-faced solution to various needs in this community.

  • Currently Whitewater faces inadequate facilities
    • Market
      • Potential UW-Whitewater Students
      • Weddings, conferences, receptions, business travel needs, athletic events, tourist, etc.
  • Develop Business Plan
    • Work with University, City and business community to develop a feasibility study and assess needs to determine if a hotel/convention center could be successful

Redesign and Transfer of Hwy 59

  • Improve accessibility to:
    • UWW Technology Park
    • Whitewater Business Park
  • More convenient for truck traffic and access to Highway 12 and Highway P
  • SWRPC has suggested we reconsider this option
    • Work with City of Whitewater and other communities

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