Starting goals of the Greater Whitewater Committee include:

  • Expansion of US Hwy 12
  • Single-family Housing Development for Whitewater
  • Develop a marketing strategy for Whitewater - Go WW Now
  • Create a major regional athletic event - Discover Whitewater Series 
  • Educational Excellence
  • Whitewater Budget
  • Redesign and Transfer of Hwy 59
  • Construction of a Hotel/Convention Center
  • Expansion of Healthcare Facilities
  • Creation of an Active Adult Community
  • Board of Regents Representation
  • Greater connection between the community, the University, and businesses


How will these be accomplished? 

  • Engage and inform each other in a search for mutually beneficial solutions and approaches to the challenges and opportunities facing Whitewater and Wisconsin's economy, the people who depend upon it for their livelihood and the governmental services it helps to support.
  • Strive to enhance public, governmental, and business appreciation for, and sensitivity to, the synergy between the essential needs and realities of Whitewater's various economic enterprises and the city's equally critical quality of life.
  • Energize and support Whitewater's public and private efforts to promote Whitewater and Wisconsin as a good place to live and do business.


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