Go WW Now

Go WW Now is a marketing strategy developed by the Greater Whitewater Committee as a way to promote the City of Whitewater as a destination place to live, play, and visit. Go WW Now is a Facebook page meant to engage the decision makers of a household with Whitewater. 

Below are links to information about Go WW Now, if there are any questions email Alexandria Goodwin-Salas at operations@knightpublicaffairs.com

Go WW Now is a one-year pilot program to market the City of Whitewater. Go WW Now is not a news entity and is meant to highlight the best of Whitewater. After one year the Greater Whitewater Committee will meet to discuss the next steps for Go WW Now.

Educational Excellence

  • Work with the Whitewater Unified School District (WUSD) to pursue educational excellence in Whitewater
  • Meet with representatives from WUSD and other entities in order to develop an action plan aimed at increasing ACT scores
  • Continue to research school data for both WUSD and surrounding districts Promote WUSD both within and outside of the Whitewater community
  • Educational excellence is just one part of the effort to make Whitewater a destination of choice to live and work